Candidate for Minnesota's 6th Congressional District

Ian Todd. MN CD6


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Minnesota's 6th Congressional District

Congressional candidate Ian Todd speaking at the Minnesota democratic convention about the election in 2018. 

Ian Todd is running for Minnesota's 6th congressional district. He wants to bring an experienced, young voice into congress to address the real issues that Americans are facing today. As an Air Force veteran, Ian Todd knows what it takes to work together to solve difficult problems. Ian Todd is the DFL endorsed candidate, he received the unanimous endorsement of the DFL at their convention in Sauk Rapids in April. 

This is a challenging district but a winnable district. As a team we know that Minnesota is and always has been the heart of the American progressive movement. Minnesotans are ready for a politician that isn't beholden to large corporate interests and is dedicated to creating opportunity for all.

Ian Todd at the parade in Zimmerman; a city within Minnesota's 6th Congressional district. 

The election in 2018

Minnesota Elections this November are going to be filled with energy. We have a dedicated volunteer team who are out door knocking, showing up at parades, and making phone calls to support our campaign. Ian Todd has been working tirelessly in this district to host town halls, organize volunteers, and stand up for his values.  This election is going to be big for Minnesota, with a Governor's seat and both our Senators on the ballot, we have a lot of opportunity in Minnesota. 

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