Ian Todd


Working Class Roots

Ian Todd grew up in Arkansas in a working class family. After realizing that his family didn’t have the resources to send him to college, he started working. Eventually, he worked his way up to management at a Subway. Even as a manager, he struggled to make ends meet. This is when he decided to create his own opportunity and join the United States Air Force.

As a member of the U.S. Air Force, Ian Todd was stationed in places such as Germany and Virginia as a Geospatial Intelligence Analyst. It was in the Air Force that he met his wife Denise and where his best friend Ben Carollo convinced him to make the greatest state in the union his new home. Ian’s time in the Air Force helped instill in him the values he now takes to the campaign trail: Integrity, Service, and Excellence.

Ian and his Wife denise in down Town Anoka.

Minnesotan Home

When Ian was nearing the end of his time in the USAF, he got to choose where to live for the first time in his life. He chose Minnesota. Ian chose to start his life as a veteran and family man with Denise in Minnesota because he believes that Minnesota is a birthplace of true progressive values and a stellar example of Midwestern kindheartedness.

A progressive candidacy in Minnesota

As he started to settle in Minnesota, Ian realized that he wasn’t done serving his country. Ian dedicated himself to the U.S. when he joined the U.S. Air Force to defend our borders; now he promises to dedicate himself yet again by becoming a U.S. Congressman to defend our communities.

Ian lives in Sauk Rapids, MN with his wife Denise and their two cats. Right now, his campaign is running out of his home in a truly grassroots fashion. His energetic team is committed to electing Ian to Minnesota's 6th district because Ian has pledged to address the real problems people deal with in their daily lives rather than pandering to specific interests and corporate money.

Ian Todd recognizes that he is lucky to be living his American Dream, but knows that right now it isn’t possible for many Americans. Ian’s beliefs are all structured around the goal of rebuilding the American Dream in Congress and making sure that our hardest working citizens don’t continue to be ignored.