This Week in CD6

This has been a really busy week for the campaign team, with thanksgiving last week and the different meetings and events that have been going on this week, not to mention getting ready for the campaign kickoff. The one thing I want to highlight however, is the wage theft rally that we went to on Monday night. 

The rally really hit home for all of the campaign team because we realize that politics has real world impact on people's lives. When corporations are given easy pathways to evade the laws, then people lose their livelihoods. People just want to be treated fairly, and in order for that to happen that means we need a justice system that works and laws that well thought out. People depend on an effective government to provide the stability and structure for a free market economy to thrive within. 

That same night we also went to an Indivisible meeting where people talked about how important it is to get money out of politics, and we couldn't agree more. If politicians are focused on receiving large campaign donations then they will lose track of the community values they are supposed to represent. That goes right back to the issues pointed out at the wage theft rally. Politics greatly impacts people's lives and it is incredibly important for politicians to listen to the voices of the people, and not just a handful of big donors. 

Ian ToddComment