More Great News!

This week was really exciting and fun. We got to hear Joe Biden speak at the DFL Founders dinner and it truly hit home for Ian and the campaign team. There is nothing like seeing an average middle class working family produce one of the most influential politicians of our time. Not to mention the great company we had at the CD 6 table at the event. 

We also went to the End of Year event for Erin Murphy where we met Mary Turner who is the head of the Minnesota Nurses union. She is such a wonderful person doing the great work that protects our nurses' living wage. I really appreciated her comment on we can't "half-ass" government. She really stands tall for the values of Minnesota and its workers. 

Ian also had a face to face meeting with Ron Jankowski, the Chair of Healthcare for All Minnesota, who is incredibly knowledgeable and very dedicated to the noble cause of fighting for affordable healthcare. We can't wait to connect to some of his friends and colleagues to hear more of the finer details of our healthcare system and the ways to improve and expand it. 

This week has been incredibly productive and another step forward in reaching our goal of winning CD6.

Benjamin CarolloComment