Two Town Halls and an Interview

Last week, the campaign hosted two town halls. One in Anoka, and one in St. Cloud. Ian decided to host these town halls because one of his main priorities in this campaign is making himself available to the community and listening to his possible constituents. He also made the decision to call these Q&A sessions 'town halls' because he felt a responsibility to the people of CD6 to let their voices be heard since their current representative hasn't held a town hall in nearly a year.

Both of the town halls were excellent. They gave Ian an opportunity to connect with people in the community who are passionate about making change. It also let Ian know what the people of CD6 really care about. In an attempt to better address their concerns, and articulate his policy positions, we've revamped our "Issues" section on here to reflect some specific policy ideas in order to combat the biggest issues we're facing today.

Ian was also lucky this past week to be interviewed by Nora G Hertel, a reporter for the St. Cloud Times. The profile she did on him and the campaign can be found here:

Here at the campaign we're gearing up for another great week. We have various events coming up that you can read about on our Facebook page or in the "Events" section. Thank you for your continued support!

Breanne Howerton