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I want to thank everyone who watched and joined the discussion during the Facebook Live Marijuana Legalization Forum. This is such an important topic due to the amount of connected issues. It's difficult to talk about criminal justice reform, the opioid epidemic, or even job availability without mentioning the War on Drugs and the prohibition of cannabis. 

A big thanks to Gunnar and Justin for joining me. It was abundantly clear from the start that these gentlemen were much more informed that me. I certainly couldn't have had this event without them! Moreover, I learned a lot from this discussion, and many key points were brought up about how to legislate the legalization of cannabis. There's a certain amount of restorative justice that needs to be worked into the tax surplus legalization will lead to, and we must consider how we incentivize states to do the same. Ending prohibition will be difficult; we only scratched to surface of the important issues worth understanding, but we most certainly can't use that as an excuse to allow the detrimental status quo to continue. 

I consider it a duty of mine to understand as many issues my constituents face as possible. Some issues, like the legalization of cannabis, can often seem niche, or only pressing to a small part of the community. In my experience, I've found that these issues are often much more far reaching, and even those that think they aren't connected to the issue can be harmed by it. For that reason, I want to find and speak with professionals about other issues that are often left out of legislative discussion. If you have an issue in mind, I'd love to hear it.

We got a lot of feedback on the audio (Yeah, it was bad. Sorry about that!), so we'll take the time to work on that issue for future forums and other videos. Thanks for bearing with us, everyone, and thank you so much for making this event a resounding success. 

For anyone that hasn't seen the video just click the image at the top of the page or follow the link here:


-Ian Todd

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