Backtracking on Trump.

Tom Emmer got on the radio to finally call out some of Trump's bad behavior, saying that his kind of politics makes mid-westerners cringe. That sentiment may have something to do with a poll that just came out that shows Trump losing support in the Midwest. We won’t forget so easily though, that just weeks ago Tom was right behind Trump in Duluth, and he didn’t seem to cringe one bit.

Our campaign is already succeeding, Tom Emmer is already shifting his focus to try to appeal to the voters who are unhappy with the lack of forethought that went into the last year policy-making. People want to know that their leaders are thinking ahead and thinking responsibly, with the ballooning deficit and the mismanagement of the DACA situation it is clear that has not been happening in Washington. I think, we need more honesty in our representation next year.

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