Wild West Days in Zimmerman

Last Saturday was the Wild West Days parade in Zimmerman. At high noon, the temperature was above 90 degrees, and the parade began. Over 20 of us marched with the DFL to show our party unity, and almost every one of us proudly wore either Brad Brown for MN House or their Ian Todd for Congress shirts. We marched directly behind the Republican float, an homage to bad policy with a less than subtle over-sized rifle pointing directly at our float. They had with them 5 people, and folks say Zimmerman is a conservative stronghold. I'm not impressed.

Ian Todd at the Zimmerman Parade

Perhaps it was the heat, but the normal snail's pace of parades was replaced with a light jaunt. While we attempted to keep up, our procession spaghettified into a long line of Brad Brown and me shaking hands, marching with flags and banners, and our volunteers doling out candy and stickers to the kind people of Zimmerman. That's just the DFL for you, though we may have been rushed, but we took our time interacting with the people of Zimmerman.

We were well received. The kids were excited about the candy and stickers, and the adults were thrilled with the prospect of voting real progressives into office. The only poor reaction we got was a couple of thirty-some-year-old men standing outside their house who exclaimed, “We vote Trump!” and proceeded to toss water balloons at us. I must admit, despite it all being rather juvenile, their aim was impeccable; I was hit right under my arm as I waved to them. I can't complain; it was refreshing after marching in the heat for so long.

We enjoyed a wonderful cookout after the parade complete with hot dogs and root beer floats. Running for Congress can often be a difficult and tedious task, but parade days are always a blast. Thanks to everyone who joined us, and thank you Zimmerman!